All of Summer

This is where it's always summer

This is where it's always summer
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The sights and sounds of summer for when it is cold and grey.
Outside it may be cold and grey and miserable, but in here it is always summer. This community collects the brightest, sunniest, hottest, dreamiest and most absolutely sultry pictures, videos, sounds, sights and stories of summer, and keeps them here, for whenever you need a little summer to help you through a dark day. So banish the SAD with a blast of sunshine!

You can post pictures, videos, sounds or anything else that is summery here. A few more specific rules:

Please resize your pictures to 600px wide or less to avoid disturbing other people's layouts. Post no more than three per entry. Do not use cut tags (unless you are posting something vast) as we are too weak for lack of summer to be able to click on them.

Please keep images safe for work.

Images or videos that are off-topic, or break these rules will be deleted.